Water Supply And Sanitary Engineering By S. C. Rangwala

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Authors: S. C. Rangwala
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Publishing Year: 2020

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The book in its present form introduces detailed descriptions and illustrative solved problems in the fields of Water Supply, Sanitary and Environmental Engineering. The entire subject matter has been split up in three parts: Part I Water Supply Engineering Part II Sanitary Engineering Part III Environmental Engineering. The first part deals with Water Supply Engineering which is related to demand of water for various purposes in human life, sources of water supply, quantity and quality of water, treatment and distribution of water, etc. The second part deals with Sanitary Engineering which is related to quality and quantity of sewage, construction and design of sewers, methods of treatment of sewage, etc. The third part discusses various aspects of Environmental Engineering including air pollution, noise pollution, etc. A typical design of a domestic sewage treatment plant is given in the Appendix as an additional attraction. The book now contains: * 253 * 140 * 60 * 610 Self-explanatory and neat diagrams Illustrative problems Useful tables Questions at the end of chapters. It is hoped that the book in its present form will be extremely useful to the Engineering students preparing for the Degree Examinations in Civil Engineering of all the Indian Universities, Diploma Examinations conducted by various Boards of Technical Education, Certificate Courses as well as for A.M.I.E., U.P.S.C., other similar Competitive and Professional Examinations.
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