Theory Of Machines By J.K. Gupta, R.S. Khurmi

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Authors: J.K. Gupta, R.S. Khurmi
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Publishing Year: 2020

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FOR THE STUDENTS OF B.E. /B.TECH., U.P.S.E.(ENGG..SERVICES ) : SECTION 'B' OF A.M.I.E. (I) Table of Contents Introdeuction Kinematics Of Motion Kinetics Of Motion Simple Harmonic Motion Simple Mechanisms Velocity In Mechanims ( Instantaneous Centre Method) Velocity In Mechanims ( Relative Centre Method ) Acceleration In Mechanisms Mechanisms With Lower Pairs Friction Belt, Rope & Chain Drives Toothed Gearing Gear Trains Gyroscopic Couple &Precessional Motion Inertia Forces In Reciprocating Parts Turning Moment Diagrams & Flywheel Steam Engine Valves & Reversing Gears Governors Brakes & Dynamometers Cams Balancing Of Rotating Masses Balancing Of Reciprocating Masses Longitudinal & Transverse Vibrations Torsional Vibrations Computer Aided Analysis & Synthesis Of Mechanisms Automatic Control
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