The Smothery Clouds by Marris Liam

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I started screaming at the top of my lungs, knocking hard on the door. I began to cry, my throat going dry from shouting for help. I let out a loud gasp as I heard the lights suddenly getting switched off.


I struggled to breathe, and clawed at the wall desperately attempting to get air into my lungs but I ended up slowly crumbling to the floor. I laboured to breathe. And it felt like the kind of breath which was near to death.

Charlotte, with an asthma problem from birth, bears tragedies one after another. The demise of her mom and then she lost her sight. But before getting blind, she somehow met a celebrity. Denver Reckon. And that celebrity falls in love with her due to the empathetic behavior, she showed to him, as he experienced a ruthless life. Later on, waves of problems gushed into Charlotte's life given by Denver's friends because of jealousy as Amanda wants to keep in a relationship with Denver and wants to marry him.

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