Freedom of the Press: The War on Words (1977-1978) by Ahfaz ur Rehman By AHFAZ UR REHMAN

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An English translation of the Urdu title Sab Sai Bari Jang, the book is an honest, accurate, and concise account of the days of turmoil and struggle when President General Zia ul-Haq had enacted a series of draconian laws in order to suppress freedom of expression and free press. They left an indelible mark on the history of press in Pakistan. The struggle of some journalists against repressive rule has contributed in revamping the overall nature of movements for the freedom of expression, free media, and a free press in Pakistan. This book can be regarded as a vital historical account for future generations enabling them to learn from the heroic struggles of people of conscience who employed the power of their pens to combat the forces of oppression.
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